samada street reserve, notting hill

It is almost like Mamma is starting to sniff out all of these brilliant little and HIDDEN playspaces, packed with such great goodies. Samada Street Reserve in Notting Hill has a fantastic little playground with ALL of Mamma's favourites. 

The main structure is a solid wooden fort, with plenty of options for climbing, sliding and traversing around and complete with its own cafe. There is soft-spongy-slash-mesh flooring, making it great for crawlers and less tanbark to consume. The spinning sea-saw rocker is a hit and a bit of a surprise the first time you give it a go. There's the birds nest swing and a stack of fitness equipment making the space great for the entire family. 

But at the end of the day, Mamma's favourite feature - undeniably too -  is the expression swing. When you have little ones under the age of one, who are not moving a whole heap or teetering around on their toes just yet, getting them up into a swing is the BEST, especially when you can join in too. Their faces are irresistible and the joy is infectious. Plus it stops them eating tan bark for at least 5 minutes! 

Mamma’s special mentions: Mamma's go-to cafe and gift shop combo when in Notting Hill is Inchmeal Cafe. Another hidden treasure in the neighbourhood is just at the end of the road! 

the nitty gritty

expression swing - drink fountain - picnic benches - some shade - street parking - fitness equipment - grass nearby  - no toilets

24 Samada Street, Notting Hill

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