hartwell station reserve, camberwell

It is the simple places that can bring out the imagination of your little ones. Hartwell Station Reserve is exactly that type of playground. The fully fenced playground is ideal for your train lover and gets a big thumbs up for having coffee nearby at Milkboys on Fordham’s. The park also has a set of swings, a slide with a shop front underneath and some rockers for little ones.

The standout feature in this small space has to be Ashey Dasher. This red train is a nod to the steam engine that used to run along these tracks in the early 1900s. Kiddos will take it in turns on being the driver and the passengers, until they hear a REAL train pull up to the station. The park - or more importantly - the fence is perfect for a bit of train spotting.

Mamma’s special mentions: A park with a cafe over the road is an absolute gem and Milkboy on Fordam’s is all sorts of nostalgic goodness.

the nitty gritty

fully fenced - station nearby - cafe over the road -  walking trails nearby

Fordham Ave, Camberwell 

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