inchmeal cafe, notting hill

When Christina from My Little Caravan told me about a little cafe that is now taking pride of place in the front of her shop, she really meant little. Three small tables along the wall and FULL of heart and lattes! Inchmeal Cafe is the latest addition to the community that comes along with this craft shop in Notting Hill and is a real hidden treasure. With owner Anne at the helm she is busting out her small 'inchmeals' for all of her customers - big and small. This is also the spot where Mamma tried her very first turmeric 'golden' latte. The verdict - life changing. No caffeine, no sugar, full of flavour and Mamma's replacement for a hot chocolate. Bubs knocked back her gingerbread man and babycino in a heartbeat before heading to the train toys and mini caravan while Mamma got to finish her banana bread and a cruise around the amazing hand made items in the shop - but that is for another time.

Mamma's special mention: A latte at Inchmeal is just the beginning of your adventure at Notting Hill. My Little Caravan is a maker's collective AND craft space for kids and adults alike!

the nitty gritty

Monday  - Friday
7am - 3pm
8am - 12pm

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Westerfield Drive, Notting Hill

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