guy turner reserve 'caterpillar park', bayswater

On Monday he ate through one strawberry. On Tuesday he ate through two pears and on Wednesday Mamma went for a drive and found this INCREDIBLE playspace. The community in Bayswater has worked together on designing this one and it is beyond cool with Mamma's absolute stand out feature being the sandpit. Completely undercover, the sand is even guarded by the hungry caterpillar himself. The coloured skylights make rainbow shadows underneath plus the sand double work bench - complete with scoopers - will keep kiddos busy moving the sand from one spot to the other. There are more treasures and plenty of artwork around too with key phrases about play etched into the rocks and paintings encased into the walkways. You will find a great variety of equipment too with swings, climbing nets, sea saws and slides. All quite manageable for the adventurous two year old. Now I am sure we have all read the book and know what happens to the caterpillar in the end - sorry but ***spoilers ahead*** - he transforms in to the magnificent butterfly! In this playspace, that butterfly provides the best place to sit and have your lunch! 

Mamma's special mention: If sand is your JAM - Be sure to have a play at another  BRILLIANT playspace in Knox - Wally Tew

the nitty gritty

good shade - nature play elements - pram friendly - BBQ - picnic shelter - ovals nearby - no toilets

Phyllis Street, Bayswater

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