red stag deer and emu farm, eurobin

Mamma mentioned to her buddies that we were heading up the high country and IMMEDIATELY was told "You have to go to the Deer Farm!" We are not one to NOT follow a hot tip, it was the first pamphlet we collected at the Bright Visitors Centre and off to Eurobin we trotted.

This place is stunning. Not only for the impeccable views, the generous hospitality but also the quirky interactions you get when feeding the animals. Entry to the farm is free and you can purchase a bucket of food as you arrive. We happened to visit in 'grumpy season' (easter time) so we left Pappa with the task of feeding the stags and the giant ostriches but we were able to get close to the goats, pigs and the adorable little fawns. 

On site you will also find a mini golf course with a local twist, a small playground, a cabin you hire for a bbq as well as a cafe-slash-bistro-slash-gift shop. 

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the nitty gritty

7 Days
10am - 4pm

FREE Entry to farm
Animal feed and mini-golf an additional cost

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324 Hughes Lane

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