aqualink nunawading, forest hill

Let’s head to the pool. Sometimes you simply forget how much kids love the water. All that splashing, kicking and blowing countless bubbles, they just lap it up!

Aqualink in Nunawading provides plenty of shallow space to do just that. The free play areas of the leisure pool zone is ideal for your kiddos. The baby can crawl in with ease in the sloping ‘beach’ section and the 4 year old can still stand confidently even in the ‘deep end’. There is some bubbling features, a shower spout and even a rain cloud. Honestly though, the kids just love moving freely through the water (within arms reach of course!).

Mamma's special mention: You can do more than just swim at Aqualink. You can hold a party complete with games and activities, have a great time here over the school holidays with the chill out zones or take advantage of the creche and occasional care so you can cut some laps in the pool for yourself!

the nitty gritty

Monday - Friday 6am - 10pm
Weekends and public holidays
8am - 8pm

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