seville regional playspace, seville

Seville is now set for all year round, family fun. Situated right next door to the Seville Water Play, the space is a mix of structured playground delights, a farmyard theme and great natural elements to explore. A giant birds nest swing gets a great work out, alongside the tractor, the farm maze and inbuilt trampolines. Mamma's favourite feature has to be the sandpit with the rock wall and water fountain - perfect for helping those sandcastles stick! If you haven't had enough water play, there is also the water tank that feeds the 'sometimes-dry' creek bed and leads to the other end of the sand pit. Lots of great options for your nature loving kids, especially amongst the rocks at the base of the water play zone. 

Mamma's special mention: Of course, in the summer months, this places is a real hit with Seville Water Play running at full speed. Pack the togs and spend a good afternoon running through the jets. 

Yarra Ranges and Seville Community House is celebrating Children’s Week with a family picnic here on October 18, 4pm - 7pm. Bring your own picnic and join in on the fun.

the nitty gritty 

pram accessible - bbqs - shelter - partially shaded - drinking fountains - public toilets - cafes nearby - water play 

Monbulk-Seville Road, Seville

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