nature play, healesville sanctuary

Need a break from all those animals or just a spot to grab a coffee and watch the kids play? Healesville have thought of us all! Just between the Harvest Cafe and the kangaroo country is Nature Play. A playspace that celebrates the natural elements and the Wurundjeri culture, all at the same time as sparking the imagination. Dive into the sand pit via the slides or through the tunnels. Uncover dinosaur fossils hidden beneath the sand. Climb up the rocky staircase and view it all from the giant birds nest belonging to Bunjil the eagle. Balance your way through the ropes course, and then race along the back of the snake back to the sand pit. 

Mamma's special mention: Harvest Cafe is the spot for Mamma's Latte. Also when you are up this end of the park be sure to check out the parent room The Nest - also exceptional - if you need that kinda thing! If your after a spot of indoor play, head up further to Future Vets at the Wildlife Health Centre


the nitty gritty

Free with general admission to Healesville Sanctuary 

OPEN 7 days

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Badger Creek Rd, Healesville

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