melba park, lilydale

Another park etched into Mamma's memory is the classic Melba Park in Lilydale. This little oasis is no where near as busy as the Lake but is still worth the visit, especially for the younger players. The main structure is a castle that is easy to climb, a double slide to race your bestie down, a great set of swings, a huge sandpit and water play. Who needs anything more than that. Apart from plenty of ducks to chase, open field to kick a ball, a swimming pool next door for the summer months and a stack of cafes around for Mamma to choose from? Told you it had everything you needed. The water play is perfect for a hot day. Pump the tap and let the water trickle down, trap it at the dam wall or let it flow down into the rocks and sand below. 

Mamma's special mention: The cafes in around this park are awesome. Hutch & Co up the hill and if you are after a little history, head into the Yarra Ranges Museum or if you are up for some exercise or need to put that baby to sleep in the pram, head off on the Warby Trail. Told you this park was perfect. 



the nitty gritty 

part shaded - picnic seating - bbqs - toilets - pram accessible - pet friendly 

Market Street, Lilydale 

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