lawford street reserve, doncaster

Check out the size of this climbing pyramid. This is a GIANT rope structure and is the pride and joy of the Lawford Street Reserve - in fact, we can’t think of a playground that has a taller climbing frame! It’s also not the only huge part. The hillside slide is super long too.

The Reserve is a great little playground and uses the fall of the land to its advantage. There are lots of rocks to scramble over and even a dry creek bed with some great big stones to build with. The rest of the playground features a little cubby, some friendly animal sculptures, swings and a junior play structure with slide - this one needs confident climbers to get up a ladder (our little guy ain’t up to this yet).

Mamma's special mention: The reserve is part of a walking trail that feeds into the nearby estate which has THREE brilliant playgrounds. Verdant Park, Phar Lap Drive and Heritage Boulevard.

the nitty gritty

limited street parking (watch for permit zones) - skate park nearby - walking trails

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