gardiners creek reserve, burwood

Toddler Mammas know what they are looking for when they are taking the kids to the park. They are looking for slides with a stairwell - not a ladder, no huge gaps in the climbing structures and a playground ‘cafe’ to order their tanbark coffee. Even better if it is a fully fenced playground with a gate. Ta-da! We found one.
This fresh playground is found in Gardinders Creek Reserve. Set next to the off-leash dog area, this playground is a great area for toddler and preschooler play. There is plenty to bounce, spin and climb on - the kind of park to go to when you need to get some fresh air and get out of the house.
As the playground is part of the reserve, you can’t see this from the road, but accessed via the main trail OR via Slott Street (check the map below).

Mamma's special mention: If you are keen to head for a walk, continue to follow the trail and you will find the Burwood Skyline Drive-in Playground.

the nitty gritty

street parking (watch for parking restrictions) - fully fenced - walking/bike trail nearby - picnic benches - off lead dog area nearby

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