bushy creek reserve, box hill north

The little side street parks are sometimes better than anything else! Bushy Creek Reserve is the perfect example. Near the intersection of Springfield and Dorking Roads in Box Hill North, this playspace is tucked in beside the bike trail and gets top marks for creativity! There is a bouncy trampoline square, a beautiful xylophone like at Blackburn Lake and a mini bike track equipped with speed bumps and textured tracksYou will also find great junior elements including Mamma's fave - the mini picnic table. No need to worry they will flip off the back of the bench when their feet touch the ground! Or of course, they might prefer to set up their play on the gumnuts instead. There are twin play structures - one with a little slide and stairwell for the crawlers, the other with more challenging access points. There is a super lush open space for free play just across the mini bridge so remember to back the footy. 

Mamma's special mention: Looking for a coffee or milkshake point near by? Head up to Rubix up on Middleborough Road

the nitty gritty

walking trails nearby - some shade - bike path - limited street parking - junior picnic tables - grassy areas - no toilets

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