artists park, box hill south

Mamma loves mixing a little local history into the public spaces. This is certainly the case at Artists Park in Box Hill South as it is found on the council's Artist Trail. No, you won't find any easels or pottery wheels. However this is the spot where in the late 1800s artists would come to camp and paint in the great outdoors. 

The playground is great quality and mixes in well with the natural environment. There is a little rock scramble to get to the slides, a friendly kookaburra that overlooks the play and the climbing structure are painted in classic mission brown, blending in well with the trees! Most of the playground is suited to the confident climbers or the less nervous Mammas as there is plenty of gaps and challenges at heights, but overall a wonderful street park to spend an afternoon! 

Mamma's special mention: The park is walking distance to the Box Hill Neighbourhood House - be warned - they have their own awesome little playground that your little monsters might want to try and climb the fence and play there as well! 

the nitty gritty

walking trails nearby - limited shade - bike paths - limited street parking - grassy areas - no toilets - neighbourhood house nearby 

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