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Guardian Early Learning Group pride themselves on their leading early learning program and are constantly looking for ways to inspire their own educators to ensure they provide the very best learning experiences for children.

Mamma had a first-hand look at the brilliant and inspiring resource space at the disposal of all Guardian centres, the Guardian Pedagogical Exchange. Located at the Richmond centre, the Exchange is a resource hub full of recycled materials. It’s also part training space, part artist studio.

At the hub, educators can take part in training and workshops on artistic experiences and creative ways to use recycled goods and natural materials. Full of inspiration after a visit to the Exchange, educators then return to their centres to set up projects and engage with children around what they’ve experienced. 

Recently, exploring elements of horticulture has been the focus and plants, potting tables and leaf patterns have been on display at the Exchange.

There are various areas which make up the space. These include a resource centre, workshop and exhibition space, on-site café and kitchen, Guardian Early Learning Centre Richmond, as well as the Victorian support office. Click here to find out more!

Guardian follows the Reggio Emilia approach and thus all experiences at Guardian are underpinned by the idea of creating authentic and hands-on learning opportunities for children. Guardian foster 21st Century skills and academic learning in stimulating, resource-rich environments, supported by a team of early learning professionals.

Guardian learning centres also have all of the mod cons, including state-of-the-art environments. Centres also use the family portal app, Storypark, to communicate daily updates on what children have been up to. This way families will never miss a milestone. 

The centres offer fantastic learning environments, so you can feel confident leaving your little ones knowing they’ll be well cared for!

Mamma's special mention: click here to learn more and read a blog post from a Team Member of the Exchang

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