the station house, gembrook

What is not to love about The Station House. This is your classic pizzeria with all the trimmings. From the black and white lino floors to the old school milkshakes, to the pizza box stack that reaches the ceilings to the amazing pizza menu, this family pizza restaurant is perfect. Set just over the road from the park you can watch Puffing Billy arrive at the station and then tuck into a slice of your favourite. Go classic with the Margarita or typical kiddo choice of Hawaiian OR try out Mamma’s top pick, the Spud Firrito. Hello béchamel base, gorgonzola cheese, potato, caramelised onion, pear, walnut & rocket! No matter your choice, you better believe the fluffy crusts are the best bit, especially when dipped a little extra garlic sauce! There’s room for the whole family inside or in the better weather, out in the backyard OR you can always grab some takeaway for the road.

Mamma's special mention: Gembrook is the end of the line for Puffing Billy, but you can always choose to start your trip here and head to Emerald. Or simply enjoy the town.

the nitty gritty 

Wednesday - Sunday
12pm - 9pm

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