fonzie's diner, kilsyth

Hot diggity dog! This could be the coolest digs to hit the east. Fonzie’s Diner is all about those classic 50s Americana vibes. The place is decked out with booth seating complete with glitter red vinyl, black and white checkerboard flooring, neon lights and - of course - a jukebox in the corner. All the classic icons adorn the walls too and is a great chance to introduce the kids to Betty Boop and the King of rock n roll.
The retro vibes continue throughout the menu. Dishes are inspired by Fozie’s gang. You gotta sample Joanie’s Southern Fried Chicken Burger or maybe Chachi’s Breakfast Burrito. The kids meals are your classic American menu too and are generous in sizes. Look out for hot dogs, cheeseburger sliders and even spaghetti and meatballs. Mamma is really digging the vibe at this new hangout and you know what they say ‘Happy days are here again!’ 

Mamma's special mention: Love the collectors vibes happening in here? Pop over the road to Hunted Antiques and shop up a storm with some of your own retro classics.

the nitty gritty 

Monday - Friday: 11am - 11pm

Saturday - Sunday: 8am - 11pm

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