the pig and whistle, olinda

The Pig and Whistle has been a family favourite, well really a daddy favourite and with an entire bar lined up with english beers on tap - you can certainly see why. Now Mamma has never been to the UK but can imagine that this is what a warm cosy English pub is like. Fire roasting away in the corner., walls lined with souvenirs, generous serving of pies and mashed potato or crispy fish and chips. Just walking in here is like receiving a big warm hug from mum. And pigs - pigs everywhere!  There is so much charm filling this pub in the hills it will soon become your family favourite too especially when the bill is served with a liquor shot in a chocolate cup! The kids menu is stellar and in the warmer months, there is a great outdoor playground set up with a sandpit. 

mamma's special mention: For a day up in the hills you can't go past the view up at Skyhigh, exploring the sculptures at William Ricketts Sanctuary and visiting either of Geppetto's Workshops. 

the nitty gritty

7 days
11am - 11pm

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Mount Dandenong Tourist Rd, Olinda

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