sprouts playcentre, kilsyth

You guys might still know this one - It just has an awesome new name!

Playcentres can be salvation on a wet week when you have been stuck inside and every toy and trick in the toddler entertainment book has been tested. Sprouts Playcentre (formerly Awesome Fun) is perfect for those days! A centre in the middle of an industrial estate in Kilsyth with plenty of challenges and space to run laps. There are a number of climbing frames, super fast slides, a friendly Thomas complete with bell and a fairly impressive rocket ship. Add an under 3s area with smaller the obstacles, plenty of toys and a kitchen - you be drinking imaginary banana milkshakes for days. Kaz has just taken over as the new owner and she loves this place and it has scrubbed up beautifully - climbing up the slides to clean off the scuff marks is just in a days work! 

Mamma's special mention: party time? Yup - parties galore at Awesome Fun. Jump on the website and see what packages are available! 


the nitty gritty 

7 Days
9am - 5pm

Under Age 1: FREE
Under Age 5: $7.50
Over Age 5: $9.50
Adults: FREE

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Colchester Road, Kilsyth 

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