alowyn gardens, yarra glen

With a Mother who is a qualified horticulturalist, and a Pop who had a prized collection of orchids, you would have thought Mamma would have been born with a green thumb. NOPE! No thumb of mine. However, that does not stop me from appreciating and falling in love with a stunning space.  Unfortunately - I need more words than stunning to describe this enchanting, perfectly manicured and spectacular acreage just on the other side of Yarra Glen. Mamma wouldn't blame you for thinking you had stepped into Alice and Wonderland and expect to see some dancing cards come around the corner. The wisteria canopy at Alowyn Gardens is the main walkway between the 5 different zones. Visit in October to witness the archway in its full bloom glory or in the dead of winter where you can see right through. Mamma visited this time in mid Autumn to capture the changing tones and let Bub kick through the leaves. The kids will love hiding, running and exploring all the different pathways from the kitchen garden, to the circle of poles, the flower fields and the birch forest. If they are up for it, they might even teach themselves how to play chess while Mamma has a coffee - or at least they will give the Knights a pat. 

Mamma's special mention: Alowyn Gardens is also a retail nursery. If you like something on your walk through the garden, you might just be able to purchase your own on the way home. 

the nitty gritty 

7 days
(closed during July)

Adults $10
Concession $8.50
Children under 16 years FREE

Yearly passes available  

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Melba Highway, Yarra Glen 

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