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The Yarra Valley Chocolaterie has wicked chocolate all year round, but come August - it is all about the HOT CHOCOLATE and in all flavours imaginable. We are talking Golden Gaytime, Red Velvet, Wagon Wheel and White Vegemite Twist and 27 others! These limited edition flavours are released in batches every 8 days and run for the entire month of August. A hot choc will set you back $7.50 and each come with some accompanying treats, extra shot of chocolate and most cases - a hand crafted marshmallow (there was no chance Mamma wasn't sharing hers!). There is also a smaller kids version, served in it's own milk bottle but there is only one flavour choice per week - Frog in a Pond was a hit last year. Can't decide which flavour to choose - book in for a tasting session! The program runs for 45 minutes and are EXTREMELY POPULAR so you must book in online

Mamma's special mention:  Speaking of popular, the entire festival was a hit last year with the carpark filling up to the brim on weekends! Mamma's advice - there are not bookings available for the cafe - get in EARLY and have a hot chocolate for breakfast - just maybe not the Espresso Martini!

the nitty gritty

For the month of August

7 Days

$18 for 45 minute sampling a selection of eight different limited edition hot chocolate flavours. BOOK HERE!

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Old Healesville Rd, Yarra Glen

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