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Mamma loves a family adventure and seeking out some of nature’s beauties AND a side of Victorian history, we are looking at a triple points on the explorer’s scoreboard. Walhalla is STUNNING. This tiny little town that experienced a boom of fame around the 1860s with the discovery of gold, it is now home to only a couple of dozen permanent residents.

Autumn is one of Walhalla’s peak seasons. The gully simply glows with the deciduous colour from March to May, with all the autumn shades lighting up this tiny town. Simply walking or driving along this beautiful historic village is mind blowing, especially if you happen to drive in behind an old Model T!

You can easily spend a day here with the family. While in town, travel the Goldfields Railway, drop into the lolly shop, grab a meal at the pub, have a tour of the Long Tunnel Extended Mine, climb the hillside to walk the Tramway Walk or simply stroll the main street and soaking in the history that oozes from this place. There is signage all throughout along the roadside explaining the all the sites as you meander along. There is a classic little playground - an ideal location for a family photos - with picnic shelters and public toilets nearby. For the more adventurous, sign up for a ghost tour on Saturday nights. It is said that Walhalla is a little spooky! Be brave!

Mamma's special mentions: Gippsland is a beautiful area to explore with so much to see and do. If you are making the winding journey into town, give the kids a railroad experience on the Goldfields Railway.

the nitty gritty

historical sites - takeaway and dine in options for food - camping sites - gardens - playground - walking trails - pram friendly - slow moving traffic - lolly shop - public toilets

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