the 100 acres, park orchards

This Mamma grew up on the outskirts of the 100 acres and fondly remembers catching yabbies with her sisters, burning up the bush tracks on her bike with her best buddy and as she got older awkward walks with boys where we may have even held sweaty hands (gasp!).  It was (well, it seemed) a vast bushland in the centre of the suburb and many tales were told about the place and adventures had.  Walking back into it after a 30 year absence was wonderful and nostalgic as NOTHING has changed, all the tracks seem so familiar still.  The place was saved by local residents from becoming absorbed into suburbia in the early 80's and is recognised as being of "regional Botanical and Zoological significance, as there are a number of endangered species present" . It really is beautifully untouched bushland. The best dam to visit is the Brown Dam which is closest to the Arundel Rd entry, it usually has the most water and wildlife. As with all bushland, please be aware of the dangers and take a friend or two to enjoy it with.

Mamma's special mention: For more adventures in nature, head to Schwerkolt Cottage

the nitty gritty

Keep to walking tracks-take your rubbish home - be mindful of the track you have taken so you don't get lost - geocaching

Knees Road Park Orchards