sherwood park orchard, bunyip

Ya gotta love ‘dem apples! Especially when you can pick them straight from the tree.

Sherwood Park Orchard is a family friendly apple u-pick with Pink Ladies and Granny Smiths ripe for the picking. The kids will love the responsibility of grabbing the fruit right from the tree, searching for the best looking fruit and filling their bags. The higher on the hillside you climb, you will find plenty of red ripe treasures. It is pram accessible, just a little bumpy, and remember to lock in the break. You are welcome to taste a couple as you wander through the orchard on your pick, and once you are finished, you might even want to visit the donkeys in the paddock near the back; they love the apples too.

Mamma's special mentions: Apple season at Sherwood Park Orchard is looking like it will finish up by Queens Birthday weekend. So if you are keen on making one of Mamma’s sweet apple pies, get in quick before it is over.

the nitty gritty

6am - 5pm
7:30am - 5pm

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