old gippstown, moe

Mamma will bet $5 that if you were a kid growing up in Gippsland, you would have had to have gone on a school excursion to Old Gippstown at least once. It has learning opportunity written all over it. 

This township is an amalgamation of some of the area’s most prized buildings, preserved for our enjoyment. you’ll find all the places you might expect in a ‘ye olde’ community. From the school, to the bank, to the cobbler and even the undertaker. You get to wander into each building and imagine what life might have been like back in the day. You can even sit at the Cobb ‘n Co Inn and order an imaginary ginger ale. Or Mamma can bust out her best headmistress voice while the kids sit in rows at the classic Sunny Creek School building. 

Most displays have a cordoned off section where you can observe some relics from behind glass. You never know what you might spy! It doesn’t appear to have a set time period - the mechanic and petrol station sits pretty close to the horse drawn carriage workshop, BUT the walk down memory lane is delightful. There are local ducks that you can feed or grab a meal for yourself at the cafe at the front. 

Mamma's special mentions: The town hosts some wonderful special events including school holiday events, car shows, Fairies in the Park, Halloween events and Christmas carols. Check in with the full calendar of what’s on HERE and make plans for a time travel adventure today. 

the nitty gritty

7 Days
10am - 4pm

Adult $8
Concession: $6
Children (Under 12): $6
Family $18
(2 x Adults 2 x Child under 12)

7 Days
8am till 4pm

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