maroondah golf park, chirnside park

The Maroondah Golf Park - the mini golf course - holds lots of memories for this family. Countless games in our teenage years and daddy trying to teach mamma about angles. There are two courses at Maroondah Golf Park - indoor and outdoorm meaning you can potentially putt-putt rail, hail or shine. Equipped with our clubs including a super sweet junior club we headed through the undercover 18 holes.

We learnt very quickly a couple of things. The course is still awesome. Twists and turns, designs that send you upstairs and down stairs, water traps and more. Bubs was intrigued by the wooden tracks that sent the ball from here to there and shooting across the room. Did she get the hang of the game? Hell no! Is 2 years old too young for mini golf? Hell yes. Did we still have fun? Sure did! Bubs spent much more time crawling across each green, picking up the ball and plopping it into the hole. Mamma spent much more time keeping her on our green rather than the teams ahead of us or her hands out of the water. In simple terms - we always have a great time out at mini golf. Just maybe next time, not with a 2 year old!! 

Mamma's special mention: There have been some recent updates to the outdoor course and your bigger kids will love it. There are more mini golf courses in, MulgraveHeathmont and Yarra Bend

the nitty gritty

7 Days
9am - 9pm (last tee off at 8:15pm)

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