lilydale outdoor pool, lilydale

Mamma wants to share the spot that we first took this little tiny Bubs for her first swimming pool experience. This is the Lilydale Outdoor Pool. It is a pretty quiet little treasure placed besides Melba Park and the Lilydale Showgrounds. There are three sections - the main lap pool, a shallower kids corner and then the perfect toddler pool. The two junior pools are connected and are heated - at least I hope it was and not 'toddler heated'.  The little one also features a bubbling jet that intrigued the 16 month old Bubs over and over again. At that age she was able to stand in most of the areas - crawlers probably would have a little more trouble. The shape of the pool is perfect for supervising bigger paddlers. The pool is partly shaded but probably get good coverage later in the day with some great big oak trees on the western boundary. Those oaks also make a great mess on the ground so I would keep my eye out for a good spot on the park side of the pool or between the change rooms. The pool is only open for the Summer season and it has to be over 23 degrees for them to open the gates. They also open at 1pm or 12pm (if it is a hot hot hot day), which can make it tricky to plan. Still, a good little pool.

Mamma's special mention: If you are looking for a little water play on those warmer mornings without heading into the pool - Melba Park has a great little water play section to splash in. 

the nitty gritty 

7 Days 1pm - 6pm for days forecast for over 23 degrees *open times may be earlier on super hot days!

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Adult   $4.00

Market Street, Lilydale