kangaroo country @ healesville sanctuary, healesville

What's that Skip? You've got a new home? AWESOME! Although technically it is in the EXACT same spot it is an all new design, with some extra places to wander through and a connecting bridge to the Koala Forest. This means our jumpy friends and all their visitors are as happy as Larry. Kangaroo Country at Healesville is the latest upgrade in the Sanctuary and it brings all your favourites all in the one spot.

As of December 2017, you can visit the echidnas, walk up to the treetops with the koalas, cross the bridge to visit the red kangaroo mob, say g'day to a wombat, then through a couple of more doors to see the Kangaroo Island Kangaroos and Mamma's new favourite, the Tree Kangaroos. In the middle of this zone is a wonderful education spot 'Pouch House', where you can literally hangout in a pouch, just like a Joey, watch the journey of the little jelly bean babes and read all about the feeding journey at the Milk Bar!

Mamma loves that all the Aussie favourites are all in close proximity, that you can get up close to the furry friends without having to dig out the binoculars AND all these guys are super close to the nature play playground. Just like before the roos are 'free range' within Kanagroo Country so it is a thrill when they come nice and close to you and the pram! The exhibit is also near to the main entrance meaning you can have a great quick win with your toddlers and preschoolers right out of the gate!  

Mamma's special mentions: Don't get me wrong - there is still HEAPS to see at Healesville Sanctuary. Be sure to take the kiddos to dress up with Future Vets at the Wildlife Health Centre, watch the Birds of Prey Show, paddle in Badger Creek over the summer and join in for Wallaby Wednesday

the nitty gritty

9am - 5pm
Everyday of the year

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Best to remember children
0-3 years FREE
4-15 years FREE on weekends, school holidays and public holidays

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Badger Creek Rd, Healesville

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