lilydale airport, yering

ZEEE PLANE ZEE PLANES!!!!! What little one doesn't love pointing out the plane in the sky! Bubs certainly does and finding this little treasure is an added bonus. Lilydale Airfield is a perfect spot to bring a picnic and watch some planes come in and out. We are not talking Tullamarine, Avalon or even Moorabbin airport type traffic flow, BUT you are going to spot the little one or two seater planes chug along the runway. Visitors are welcome to sit on the grass and be entertained by the little planes, so long as little (and big for that matter) feet stay this side of the white fence. There are no big barriers so you DO need to watch, especially if your toddlers are excited at the possibility of seeing a real life action pilot! The beautiful staff at Yarra Valley Aviation tell Mamma that families are welcome to come any time and if the office is open, there are toilets in the airport that can be used. 

Mamma's special mention: Lilydale Air Show is HERE - November 25, 2018. Entry is $25 per car and the air displays start at 1pm! 

the nitty gritty

close supervision at all times - toilets may be available - picnic seating 

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MacIntyre Lane, Yering

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