hopscotch play cafe, narre warren south

This brand new play cafe has only just opened its doors, and is sure to become a family favourite!
With 7 themed areas, full of imaginary play, it will blow your toddlers mind!
The themed areas are: library, laundry, nursery, cubby-house/backyard, kitchen, shop (complete with an ATM) and a construction zone.
Little Miss just couldn’t be torn away from the nursery (ALL the dolls), laundry (not sure where she learnt to use an iron?) and library. Little Mister loved the cubby-house backyard area (especially the BBQ) and the construction zone (TOOLS!).

Each area is meticulously thought out and provides heaps of toys/equipment, ensuring there are minimal fights over the items.
Parents can sit back and relax at a table nearby and enjoy a coffee and snack in peace!
Mamma’s little ones are already asking when they can go back! This is a winner, folks!

Mamma’s special mention:
Need some more fun? Head outdoors and not far away to the awesome Spacerocket park (ray bastin reserve).

the nitty gritty

Two sessions (20 kids max)
9am - 11.30pm
12.30pm - 3.00pm

*Play is only open on weekdays

$8.50 per child per 3.5 hour session.
Adults and under 1 are free. 

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