bounce inc, glen iris

You gotta BOUNCE baby! This place is unreal and ALL the kids Mamma taught back at school would seriously rave about it. Bounce Inc has been open in Glen Iris for over 4 years and it is all about the action and getting some serious air time. The trampoline park runs hour long sessions for kids ages 3 and up, and are supported and supervised by excellent staff members who are SUPER enthusiastic. The kids will get their hearts racing quickly and don’t be surprised if they start to glow with sweat after all that jumping, balancing and flipping. 

Alongside the trampoline park is the X Park Zone. Designed for the kids 125cm, this zone is where the inner ninja warriors unleash their skills. In fact, the contestants on the show trained here as preparation. The little ones we brought to road-test were much to small for this zone but luckily Mamma was able to twist the arms of some willing volunteers to show us their mad skills! 

Mamma’s special mention: There is a kiosk upstairs that you can grab a snack with a view of the jump zones below and YES you can have a party here! PLUS if you want to test out your pelvic floor muscles - why not give a Bounce Fit class a go! 

the nitty gritty
Monday - Friday
10am - 9pm
9am - 9pm
9am - 7pm

General Admin (over 110cm and 3yrs +) $16.90
Student Prices $11.70
Junior Jumpers (UNDER 110cm and OVER 3yrs+) $11.70

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2 Weir Street
Glen Iris 

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