williams reserve, richmond

This is an exciting discovery. A playground within stones throw of a cafe. Mamma has full-on heart eye emojis for this combo!

Williams Reserve is a great little street park in Richmond. There is a basic structure that would suit toddlers and preschoolers, with a couple of slides and monkey bars. There is plenty of green space beside the equipment, so bring a ball or a cricket bat for a game. Then add in a set of swings and a spinning merry-go-round, you have the recipe for a cute little play at the park. 

Don't let the location and the main road put you off, the reserve is set back from the intersection and has a fence buffer from the road. Plus, the park comes with a side serve of coffee from The Hidden Horse

Mamma's special mention: The playground is super close to Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre. Looks like you might be rewarding the kids here after they follow you around IKEA!

the nitty gritty

 grassy areas - no toilets - restricted street parking - cafe nearby - shopping centre over the road (head here for toilets)

520 Victoria St, Richmond

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