victoria rose playground, box hill south

A double kinda street park. Victoria Rose - named that because it is wedged between Rose Street and Victoria Street - has two elements. The first, a traditional playground with climbing frame, a swing, slide and the bashy-crashy music maker. BUT then there is a second space. A sensory playground - were there are things to discover or should I say uncover around the enclosed space. There are things to make sounds, items to touch, bright art pieces to see and plenty of garden to smell. All this surrounding a mammoth gumtree. This is definitely not for your loud and running kinda play, but rather your reflective and peaceful type of afternoon. Suitable for those children that can become overwhelmed in some more lively playgrounds. 

Mamma's special mention: there is a similar playspace in Ringwood at Federation Estate - the Amazing Space

the nitty gritty

no toilets - street parking - water fountain - sensory playground is fenced - some shade - natural elements - walking trails nearby 

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