symes road park, woori yallock

Mamma has been so excited about this playground update. Not just because of all the wizzy-dizzy equipment or the rocking sea saw seats with extra table or surfboard in the middle. Not because of the dome climbing frame or the fact the playground is nestled in amongst the gum trees. Not even because of the spiral slide. BUT what delights Mamma the most … a public toilet! No more panicked dash to the bushes or hike up the hill to the shops on the highway. Ahhhh… the little things. Oh … and the view is pretty amazing too!

Mamma's special mention: The Woori Yallock train station is one of our favourite places to park when exploring the Warburton Trail. If you head east, toward Launching Place, you will see STACKS of farm land and paddocks. See if you can spot cows, sheep, some cheeky roos or even some alpacas. ALWAYS be on the look out for drop bears! The trail is pretty flat in this zone too with only one road crossing.

the nitty gritty

parking at Woori Yallock train station - walking trail nearby - public toilets - picnic shelter

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