ringwood lake, ringwood

This park has been the 'staple' go to playground of the Maroondah community for many years. The latest upgrade will ensure families will continue to enjoy this space for many more years to come! 

The is main structure here has already been nicknamed 'the nest' and it is super inclusive with a walkway ramp to access all the equipment. Along the walkway, Mamma says see if you can spot a familiar feathered friend - who you may remember from the fab Wyreena 'little birdie' playspace in Croydon - and is key to a cool little game. 

There are also four slides shooting out form 'the nest' structure with the main slide being the most exciting and surprisingly FAST. 

Further up the hillside you will find the nature elements to the space, with the eels providing the structure for the trickle water play and the sand pit. One jump further up the hill is Mamma's favourite - the expression swing. This is the first in Maroondah and your littlest ones will love watching your face as you swing TOGETHER for a change! All the zones are interconnected with sealed pathways and allow access for both wheelchairs and prams with ease.

The artwork is another beautiful feature in the playspace. We love the old oversized wooden animal carvings too which are perfect height for a ride or a cuddle and have been kept from the old park. 

Mamma's special mention: The lake is not fenced off and that factor does make Mamma a little nervous at times - however with close supervision it won't stop us from enjoying our adventure to this gorgeous park. 

the nitty gritty

public toilets - liberty swing - small water play - sand - expression swing - inclusive and wheelchair friendly -  pram accessible - BBQs - water hazard - walking tracks - historical sites 

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