hookey park, mooroolbark

This reliable little wooden adventure park is a winner. Under the canopy of some beautiful gums, Hookey Park uses the natural features of the landscape to create pathways, a dry creek bed and little tracks to run through. There are plenty of nature elements - we just wish there was water in the dry creek bed to splash in!

There is a great long ramp - perfect from crawlers (although there is a reasonable gap along the side), double slide, some musical toys and a telephone system from one end to the other. There is also a set of swings, a massive, round 'nest' swing, spinning and rocking equipment, and plenty of climbing ropes. 

Mamma's special mention: One of the great features of the park is the location. RIGHT next door to the Mooroolbark Library. Combine your story time and park playdate - winner!

the nitty gritty

good shade - toilets at the library and shops nearby - bbq - rotunda - library next door - grassy fields 

Station Street, Mooroolbark

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