golden square bicentennial park, burnley

A park that has a cafe just right across the road is ALWAYS a winner. A park that has stairs allowing little ones access to the slide is ACE. A park that has it's very own fairy tree is all kinds of AWESOME. Golden Square Bicentennial Park is a wonderful multi aged play space. The wooden structure is set into the hill side with slides, bridges and even a megaphone at the top. A second slide is for the bigger kids and if you find some chalk you can leave your mark underneath. The park has plenty of open space for ball games, a couple of climbable trees and a picnic shelter to escape the sun. Really - a perfect garden for a picnic. 

But what warms Mamma's heart even more - the fairy tree! The residence is not exclusive to fairies either with gnomes and elves as room mates as well. This community art piece has all the little touches, from a key by the front door, toadstools at the entry and even a chimney and letterbox. Let your kid's imaginations fly as they spot the locals hanging out in the tree. 

Mamma's special mention: Yes Mamma did mention a cafe. Serotonin Eatery is right over the road. Ideal to grab some take away or even a meal before a play at the park. They even have a tub of balls and cricket stumps if you want to borrow them for an epic match after brunch. 

the nitty gritty

picnic shelter - open space for ball games - street parking - limited shade - fairy tree - no toilets - bbq - dog off lead area


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