glen park, bayswater north

Mamma loves this spot. Originally I thought it was ace for the toddlers - the crawlers having a great time on the mountain hill slide (the ones without the stairs), hitting the bongo drum and exploring the fitness equipment. But on closer inspection - with some buddies to help - it is brilliant for all ages. Massive climbing frames, obstacle course, a slink (yep - the random round nut shaped thing that is best for climbing through and around) but the jewel in this park's crown is the bike track! There is nothing more adorable than learning to ride your bike or scooter than a multi-surfaced track. Watch out for the rough surface, the hills and be sure to KEEP LEFT at all time. Kiddos will make Mamma dizzy riding laps upon laps around this beautiful loop of track. This park has heaps on offer and is home to a stunning Dean Bowen's sculpture - Boy with Owl (If you have visited Heide you many have seen Aeroplane Boy - they are very similar!). 

Mamma's special mention: If your kids loved the bike track - they will be over the moon with the Roll Play Bike Track in Healesville! AND if they loved the slide - Melba Park in Lilydale is great for toddlers too!

the nitty gritty

good shade - bike track- tennis court - football oval - walking tracks - public toilets at community house - bbqs - picnic tables 

Glen Park Road, Bayswater North

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