gallipoli park, marysville

In the time before children .. yes we all remember that time when sleep was easy ... this Mamma went with her soon to be hubby on a Marysville weekend away. We happened to walk past this playground and decided to have an explore. At twenty-something Mamma already knew it was an ace place to play and one day we would come back. 

We sure have! Because it is simply beautiful. Built after the devastating Black Saturday Fires, this community space is filled with joy and soul - especially with the most adorable sculpture in the middle of the reflective garden.  

The playspace is wonderful and really well shaded. There is a dinosaur dig in the sandpit, a double flying fox over the other side of the creek and heaps of things to climb! The water play feature is no longer working but Steavenson's River is JUST THERE and it is a creek just made for walking through! It is crystal clear and pretty chilly, but the nice round rocks are great for wading over and perfectly shallow! 

Mamma's special mention: The sculpture is called The New Life. Made by our buddy Bruno, this is a reminder of the new beginnings and you just have to notice the crocs on her feet. If you want to see more amazing works of art, head behind the oval and the skate park to his Art and Sculpture Garden. 

the nitty gritty

great shade - water hazards - flying foxes - parking - public toilets - visitors centre next door - walking trails nearby - sand - skate park nearby - ovals nearby - swimming pool nearby!

Buxton-Marysville Road, Marysville

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