alistair knox park, eltham

The Alistair Knox Reserve in Eltham is a hub for community life. It's where mammas and little ones come together during the week for playdates. Where galahs and cockatoos sing. Where families ride bicycles along the edges of the Diamond Creek, and where groups gather for weekend celebrations.

The play area hosts a range of spaces for children to explore amongst gum trees. There are a range of large wooden carvings including a huge platypus, owl and big tree stump seat and funky metal figures of people. The main play structure has a curved slide, walkways, hanging disks, rising step bridge, steering wheel, tunnel, scrambling wall, shop front and monkey bars. There is also a spinning donut, music making equipment, birds nest swing and huge family sized see-saw. 

Mamma's special mention: Mamma's special mention: Grab a bite to eat at Shillinglaw Cafe or you can even check out storytime for little ones at Eltham Library for a little quiet time to finish your day. 

the nitty gritty

bbq - picnic tables  - walking trails - grassy areas - toilets - off street parking - water hazard - 

829 Main Rd, Eltham

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