round bird can't fly, lilydale

Where do all the little chicky babes go with their Mamma for a special breakfast? Round Bird of course. This popular and stunning addition to the main street of Lilydale is just magnificent. The locals are at the core of the business - the bread is made by the chicks at Locavore Studio around the corner and yolky goodness from Yarra Valley Eggs and the meats from Yarra Glen Butcher and Smokehouse. You can even grab some extras to take home from the shelves of the food store. The kids have HEAPS of choices and are looked after beautifully with crayons and toys appearing on the table as if by magic! Babycinos served in speckled cups and saucers - making the cino experience pretty refined and special. Mamma loves the home made muffins and the fruit sourdough with a smothering of espresso butter! But you can't go wrong with any of the choices. If you haven't tried it - the Yarra Valley fetta is to die for! There isn't a stack of room for prams at tables, but the beautiful waitstaff will help find a corner for it to rest while you have your breakie. Before you know it, your name will be on the blackboard next to the coffee machine with all the other locals. See if you can spot Mamma's name!

Mamma's special mentions: Melba Park is not far on the other side of Maroondah Highway - just take care crossing the road or head uphill to cross at the lights. There is also the Yarra Ranges Regional Museum which is a nice place to learn about the history of the area and have a sing with Ms Nelle Melba! 

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7 Days

Monday to Friday 7am - 4pm
Saturday and Sunday
8am - 4pm

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