toddler warrior, bayswater north

Fearless. Brave. Adventurous. Strong. Flexible. Always on the go. Have I just described your little one? Then don't delay and sign up for THIS one. Toddler Warrior is an active, thrill seeking, 50 minute casual sessions your kids will love. Using all the skills of gymnastics and circus arts the class is set up in an obstacle course format and is designed for ages 1.5 to 7 years - or as soon as they are up and moving!

Expect the warriors to fly through the air on trapeze, bound over trampolines and summersault down ramps. You will need to help them traverse the slack lines, swing on ropes and balance on the wobbly boards. There are no hard or fast rules about the order of the activities and the kids quickly learn which are their favourites. 

The facilitator is not only a ninja warrior (yeah the tv type!) but an experienced stunt man and most importantly, a dad. Luke demonstrates all aspects of the course for his mini warriors and is there supporting the kids alongside their parents, all throughout the session. The kids love donning a warrior belt at the start of class and enjoy playing games with their new ninja hero halfway through the session. 

Mamma's special mention: Classes are held in the RUCCIS Circus School site. Parking is limited right at the door, so may be a safer bet on the street. 

the nitty gritty

Thursday and Fridays
9:30am - 10:20am
10:35am - 11:25am

$15 per child casual classes.
Term bookings available. Early bird prices end July 20, 2019

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