salts of the earth, croydon

Hands up if you often have little ones with snuffly noses, scratchy skin or persistent little coughs? You may want to consider salt therapy. Salts of the Earth in Croydon opened their doors in September and are already helping the locals. Salt therapy is a natural therapy that can help a whole range of symptoms of the common cold, asthma, most respiratory and skin conditions. Through the magic of salt, the use of less medication for our little ones as it is said that 'salt is a natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antihistamine'.

Salt rooms are perfect for all ages including babies. The children's room is a group room and just like a massive playroom. The room is a salty sandpit stocked with bean bags, toys, a little kitchenette, games and movies. The kids love it and will try and make salt castles or serve you salt tea! 

Much like a gym session, you won't get a lot from a stand alone session - you need to go regularly to feel the benifits. With FREE consultations the experts will set up a plan based on yours or your little one's needs. 

Mamma's special mention: Bookings are always essential. Contact the Croydon team today - HERE

The team are proud supporters of The Nappy Collective. Keep your eye out for collection dates.

the nitty gritty

Programs are based on a management plan and include unlimited sessions per week. Children's plans (which include one adult as well) start at $49 per week 

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