mummy and me yoga @ dashanti yoga, lilydale

Who says you can't 'yoga' as a whole family? The whole family is welcome at Mummy and Me yoga class. These family friendly sessions are relaxed and laid back, allowing the kids to join in or simply play with the toys. Mamma works through downward dogs, child poses and standing trees, stretching out the muscles and correcting the bodies that have been repeatedly chasing toddlers and reading stories on the floor. Or even better - a class that will help your back after a co-sleeping night being kicked in the side! Don't be surprised sharing your yoga mat with a dinosaur or a teddy bear at any moment. Or if there is a preschooler that makes their way under a 'tunnel' as you stretch out into the next pose. This is multi-taking and mamma meditation all in one. Mamma really enjoys a class that you can enjoy with your preschooler and even cuter when they try to do the moves as well. 

Mamma's special mention: There is also YogaGlowers Kids class on a Monday afternoon for those flexi 6- 10 year olds! Bookings essential. 

the nitty gritty

Wednesday 9:30-10:30am

$15 casual

Children FREE

wanna know more and to book in? click here  or contact Karyn 0419 118 043 

26 Hardy Street, 

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