intergenerational music therapy and playgroup, mulgrave

Since we visited the Monash Gardens in Mulgrave, Bubs has asked Mamma "sing the You Are My Sunshine song!" Super appropriate because the sunshine that is brought into the lives of the residents each Friday is infectious. The casual music class benefits all that attend, no matter the age bracket. Beautiful traditions of welcoming songs, nursery rhymes and games for all of us to participate in warms Mamma's soul. The children are instantly engaged with the qualified music therapists through the music and the older participants simply delight in their energy and enthusiasm. As in all aged care facilities there is a range of individuals with different needs, including many who simply benefit from sitting in the room. Others get right into the action, conversing with the children, humming to the tunes and even having a go at skittles. Expect to pop some bubbles, cuddle a teddy and then watch them fly on the top of a parachute.  

Mamma's special mention: Carousel Music works in many centres throughout Melbourne with some sessions still with vacancies. Click here to see the current timetable and availabilities. Including Canterbury which is a new group starting on Friday 8th Feb at 10:30am, and a 1-off group in Glen Waverley on Wednesday 20th February at 10:45am.

the nitty gritty 

Friday 2 - 3pm

There are more classes including Glen Waverley, Burwood and Canterbury

Contact HERE, or email


Monash Gardens Village Hostel & Nursing Home
355 Wellington Road

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