little strikers futsal preschooler program, mount evelyn

GOAL! Have you got an active pre-schooler that needs some space to RUN? The little strikers program runs on Thursday and Saturday mornings at the Mount Evelyn Futzal Oz Indoor Sports Stadium and is the perfect place to start some structured sport sessions. The groups are suitable for kids 2 - 5 years and there is a wide range of skills and abilities in the group. At the beginning they will run in the opposite direction, pick up the cones, lie down and get transfixed by the net in the goal. But they will also learn to sit and listen to instructions, how to kick and possibly dribble the ball. The older they get, their skills will improve and you never know, you might just have a superstar on your hands. Bubs (20 months) is way too young but the coaches are full of young enthusiasm and patience. They engage the kids with wonderful imaginative stories like running between the 'trees' as the markers on the ground, or dribbling the ball around the 'volcano' cones. They will be flexible too - if things don't quite work, a quick change of tactic and they are off again. The program is brilliant for all seasons and being inside - no mud to slide through or sunscreen to slap on. 

Mamma's special mention: Futsal ain't just for the kids but for the Mamma's too. Womens Futsal games run during the evenings. Very family friendly and often have a line up of prams along the sidelines! 

the nitty gritty

Thursday and Saturday Mornings
11am -12pm

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Hereford Road, Mount Evelyn

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