fake food park @ ngv international, southbank

Did someone say giant fruit and vegetables? Yup! They will great you at the door as you enter Martí Guixé latest work at the National Gallery of Victoria, Fake Food Park. This exhibition is completely interactive and kid friendly (best suited to the pre-schoolers with good imaginations!). The littlies are encouraged to don and apron as they transform into mini master chefs. They grab a bowl at the beginning of the circuit (there are two so no need to worry about queuing for too long) and add their fake food along the way. the culinary masters turn knobs to 'add heat', buttons to 'add texture' and of course 'season'. Head over to 'plate up' their creation and the master piece is not complete without a intsagram worthy food shot - a photo taken and sent to Mamma's email address.  The artist's intention behind the work is for children to think creatively about common foods - Mamma's biggest task was convincing Bub it wasn't real food and "no you can't eat that!" The second part of the exhibit is the interactive of the digital nature with the front half of the exhibit set up with touch screen computers and headphones, and the children work to create never seen before menus and creations worthy of Heston's kitchen! Thank goodness there are no dishes! 

Mamma's special mention: it isn't a trip to the NGV without checking out the water wall out the front, but did you also know there is a garden and a small playground out the back? You can see it in the background of our Mister Maker interview

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7 days
10am - 5pm
11 June – 11 September 16

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St Kilda Road, Melbourne