blockheads @ artspace, realm, ringwood

You may recall when Mamma shared with you the incredible art incubator In Touch - you remember, the one where you touched the walls and they made noise - well the ArtSpace at REALM is up for more interactive and kid friendly action. This time it is all about dance! The art space has been transformed by artist Edwina Atkins and will be the home base for the BlockHeads the dancers choreographed by Rochelle Carmichael. Videos on the wall show the dancers exploring the Ringwood as well as the footage of some pretty cool dance moves. If you are lucky, the Blockheads themselves might be hanging around. They will be interacting with the space and the people within it, encouraging us all to move like them. They are funny, certainly acrobatic and definitely made Mamma giggle! 

There will be workshops aimed at 3 - 7 year olds where they will learn some dance moves and can become blockheads themselves. Bubs at 2 years, was a little nervous but is usually the case with any dressed up character, but the 3 and 4 year olds who also had a preview, got right into the spirit. There are extra performances at Ringwood Station too, but ArtSpace is just a cool spot to hang out throughout the exhibition - did someone say it was air conditioned?

Mamma's special mention: The library at REALM is one of the newest in the east and one of Mamma's favourites spots just to hang out and read some books you haven't read a hundred times already! 

the nitty gritty

Jan 9 - Feb 5, 2017
Monday - Friday
9am - 8pm
Saturday - Sunday
10am - 5pm

WORKSHOPS (40mins)
Tuesday 17 January, 10am and 11am
Friday 20 January, 10am
Friday 27 January 10am

$5 per child
Adults and babies FREE


Ringwood Station forecourt
Thursday 19 January, 10am and 11am
Tuesday 24 January, 10am and 11am
Saturday 4 February, 10am and 11am



Downstairs at REALM, Town Square, Eastland, 
Maroondah Highway, Ringwood