air play @ the arts centre, melbourne

As the Mammas left the State Theatre on Wednesday night - we looked at each other and said "How can you write about that?!"  There are simply no words to describe Air Play - just like the wordless magic we witnessed on the stage!  It was PHENOMENAL! Using the air as the canvas, the brother and sister team tell stories through the wind. Balloons, fabric, sparkles, umbrellas and snow make the 55 minute show mesmerising for ALL ages. Pure fun, laughter and stunning beauty. The Mammas smiled throughout the whole show and the kids completely were transfixed. Be prepared to grab some balloons and dig out the scarves - we will all be wanting to 'air play' for ourselves the minute we get home.

Mamma's special mentions: Air Play is only here for FIVE DAYS only! Don't hesitate - book your ticket NOW! Mamma APPROVED. 

Photos: Florence Montmare

the nitty gritty

Matinee Performances
Thursday 19 January, 11am
Thursday 19 January, 3pm
Friday 20 January, 2pm
Saturday 21 January, 2pm
Sunday 22 January, 11am
Sunday 22 January, 3pm 

Evening Performances
Wednesday 18 January, 6pm
Friday 20 January, 6pm
Saturday 21 January, 6pm

Premium: $44
A-Reserve: $37
B-Reserve: $27

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State Theatre, Arts Centre, St Kilda Road, Melbourne