wonderland junior, the district docklands

Here in Mamma Land we LOVE a carnival, a fete and a show. The thrill of the rides, crunch of the popcorn, stickiness of some fairy floss and the cheerful sounds of the games. You can't really walk past a laughing clown without trying to win the giant teddy! No need to wait for festival season to roll around. Each weekend Wonderland Junior roll out the fun for your family and they have a soft spot for your little ones. The attractions are mostly the smaller version of your standard carnival rides and this preschooler was thrilled with all the options, but really dug the spinning teacups, jumping castle, a psychedelic train and the merry-go-round. There are other options for your bigger ones - a wild looking tug boat and some dodgem cars. Either way grab a wristband and test them all out. 

Mamma's special mentions: One of Mamma's fav destinations for a shop and a play is THE DISTRICT DOCKLANDS. Why? Because there is always fun to be had! Check out our whole page of Family Fun at The District Docklands

the nitty gritty 

Pay for rides as you go (purchase tokens from the booth) or purchase a wristband

Open weekends, public holidays and everyday during school holidays 11am - 5pm.

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The District Docklands,
Wharf Street, Docklands 

The District Docklands - Mamma Knows East

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