tarrawarra museum of art, healesville

Mamma has been so intrigued by what has arrived at TarraWarra. Since the majestic Skywhale took to the air across the Yarra Valley last month, we just had to check out the work of Patricia Piccinini and Joy Hester for ourselves. Piccinini’ incredible life-like sculpture work is world famous and it is taking residency at TarraWarra Museum of Art this summer. The pieces are something else. Some may find it confronting as it is so realistic, futuristic and familiar all at once. They are all other-worldly and simply fascinating.

We decided to visit the museum without the 4 year old as Mamma was not sure if this exhibition would be scary for the preschooler. To be honest, yes, I found it a little creepy. The snot glistens and eyes shine, but not scary. The exhibition is titled Through love … and there really is lots of connection through all of the pieces, despite how unusual they may appear.

There is only one piece that might trouble the little ones - the monkey type creature in the hallway - but this can be avoided if needed. There is an example of a sculpture at the reception where the kids, and adults, can touch and get nice and close. It is soft, moves a little to the touch.

We will return to TarraWarra to share with the whole family and most likely on a Sunday during January for the FREE Summer Sketching Series workshops. But in particular on Sunday 6 January as teachers will be guiding visitors to draw the landscape (which may just include the Skywhale!).

Mamma's special mentions: The entire estate at TarraWarra is stunning. There is a restaurant and cellar door next to the gallery and I can imagine spending a beautiful afternoon on the decking, enjoying the surrounds.

the nitty gritty

Until March 11, 2019

December 26 - January 28
Open 7 days 11am - 5pm

Open all Public Holidays excluding Christmas Day

$12 Adults
$10 Seniors card holders
$8 Pensioners, concession & students
Children under 12 FREE

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313 Healesville-Yarra Glen Rd, Healesville

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